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3 days to go

3 days

days to go

WordPress = Katie Stress

Now I don’t know if I am being an absolute idiot but I am having a little bit of WordPress related trouble.

Don’t get me wrong WP has done nothing to offend me, it has been rather gentlemanly in its manner, but I’ve made the decision to self-host my blog. I have read many articles recommending that its best to start a blog as a self-host from scratch, if you’re serious about it. And I am!

So I’ve hastily bought a domain name and hosting with a random site ( <– it was cheap, and I’m on a budget.

I did all this and now I remember that I’m a website dunce… ‘but you’re a designer’ I hear you say! Yes, I am a designer but I specialise in print and have never been taught the ways of the matrix. I may take a course up one day, but right now Im a blogger in need of help.

So if anyone wants to offer any advice I will make you a virtual cup of tea and serve a slice of my special carrot cake.


This is what WP has done to me!

Problem solved! See my new site here πŸ™‚

How To Pack Your Backpack | The HostelBookers Blog

Having a bit of trouble trying to fit all my worldly belongings into my backpack I turned to the web for some useful advice and found this blog article. Very handy and worth a read.

How To Pack Your Backpack | The HostelBookers Blog.

5 days


I think for the next 5 days the countdown is probably all you’ll get from this blog because a) I have very little to write about right now and b) I have alot of panicking to do between now and then. You never know, I may suprise you with a little ‘packing my bag story’ or a ‘Im so excited’ poem, but bare (is this the right spelling? Please tell me) with me, I’ll have alot more to talk about when my feet leave the ground on the 4th December.

Will try make the countdown look as sexy as possible though.

6 days


Uh – Oh!

Either my backpack is too small, or I have too much stuff. I suspect it’s the latter. Haven’t even tried to get the hairdryer in yet! I feel I may have to down size!

This time next week

At exactly this time next week. I will be boarding the Airbus A380-800 at terminal 4 in Heathrow. I will probably be sh*tting myself as it will be the first time I’ve flown alone and the first time I’ve left the country in 9 years! It will take 12ish hours to get to Changi airport, then I have 5ish hours stop-over (I hear the airport is amazing!) and then another 8 or so hours until I arrive at Sydney.

Its amazing how much can change in a year…

Read More…

Saving & Making Money – the top 10 ways I managed to save money for my trip

I thought I’d write this post for the benefit of people who, like me, never seem to have enough money and are always broke. These are people who are actually earning an OK wage, but for some reason never seem to have enough. I used to be one of those people. I’d get paid on a Friday and the following Monday, it would be gone and I never understood why.

Travelling Fund

Then, one day, I decided I wanted to go to Australia and being the impatient person that I am I wanted to get out there as soon as possible. There was only one thing stopping me. My dilapidated bank balance. Read More…

Canon Powershot SX220 hs – a little review

I’ve recently purchased the Canon Powershot SX220 hs digital compact camera.

I will be travelling to Australia at the beginning of December and really wanted to take a reasonably well-priced, but good quality camera that will take great photos to help me remember my time over there.

Having spent literally 10 hours scanning the internet, comparing specs and finding a great price for an expensive camera only to discover that it is either a) sold out, b) pick-up only to some tiny village in the middle of nowhere, c) broken or d) never existed and was only used as a way of getting you to visit the site. I eventually found this little baby, the Canon Powershot SX220 hs. Read More…

7 Reasons You Should Write a Travel Blog | Backpackingmatt: Life’s a Journey – A Budget Travel Blog

This is a great article about reasons for writing travel blogs. I think the best reason is to do it for yourself. Its just like keeping an online and very public diary and something you can go back over to remind yourself of the great (or not so great) experiences you have had.

I can’t wait to start my story.

7 Reasons You Should Write a Travel Blog | Backpackingmatt: Life’s a Journey – A Budget Travel Blog.

I need dollar…

Picked up Aussie dollars today, looks like monopoly money. It’s going to be very easy to spend!

Oh and, 13 DAYS TO GO!!!!!

Special Delivery!

Today has been a good day for deliveries. First, came my Canon PowerShot SX220 hi digital camera. I answered the door in my pjamas much to the delivery mans amusement.

Then, an hour later, came my home for the next year. The Vango Freedom 80 + 20 backpack. Again, I answered the door in my pj’s. Lazy day.

Reviews to come.

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